Zero Waste

Our shop offers a range of ways to buy to ensure that you decrease your carbon footprint and move towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

Come check out our loose wholefoods section which has over 100 different nuts, cereals, grains and more in bulk. Click the links below for a full list of our stock.

Loose Wholefoods List

Herbs, Spices and Teas list

Bulk Home and Cleaning List

Purchasing from our loose wholefoods section
We supply you with Vegware recycled paper bags to use for our loose wholefoods, and fruit and vegetables.
We also supply Vegware biodegradable ‘plastic’ bags made from plants for the herbs and spice section.

1. Just fill the bag provided
2. Secure your bags with a biodegradable sticker
3. Write on the sticker what is inside the bag!

You are welcome to bring your own containers or bags to refill but please bring them to the tills so we can tare the scales before you fill up.

Purchasing from our bulk liquids section
You are welcome to bring any container you like, however it just needs to state the milliliters or liters on the bottle so we know how much to charge you.

Watch our instructional video about refilling the cleaning liquids:
Refilling bulk cleaning liquids